The buzz is true. The Cannes Film Festival darling film by the Safdie brothers starring Robert Pattinson is a must see thrill ride.

Set to have its limited theatrical release in New York and Los Angeles on August 11, A24’s Good Time is living up to the hype as it does a teaser roll out. The Safdie brothers and Robert Pattinson have been doing the screening circuit in various cities and tonight they made a stop at Los Angeles’ Arclight Cinema for a special showing followed by a Q&A hosted by KCRW.

The story wastes no time in kicking things off from the beginning introducing us to Nick and revealing his disability in a simple yet efficient manner. Only moments later we meet his brother, Connie portrayed by Pattinson. Right in the first words he utters it’s is clear we will not be dealing with a British heartthrob, rather a cunning New Yorker. No accent is detected from the actor throughout the film, showing the dedication he has to his craft.

The film follows the events of one god awful night which is anything but a good time. Connie is racing against the clock to save his brother from jail, where he landed after a bank robbery gone wrong. Now, Connie must do whatever it takes to collect $10,000 to get his brother out before the system literally eats him alive. After all, jail is no place for a person like Nick.

The Safdie brothers do a magnificent job of pacing the film as we see Connie go from bad situation to worse. Rolling with the punches that get thrown at him and using whomever lands in his path to achieve his goals. Pattinson becomes one with the character so much so that you can’t help but hate his callousness and the way he discards people but makes you root for him at the same time. The fierce love for his brother is palpable as he lies, manipulates and commits crime after crime to get to Nick (Ben Safdie).

There is not one slow moment for you to catch your breath as you anxiously await what else will happen. Good Time will leave you thinking even after you leave the theater. It truly deserves all the accolades it’s received since debuting at Cannes and I would not be surprised if Pattinson received an Oscar nomination. He commands your attention and keeps you riveted on the edge of your seat, he is that good.

Josh and Ben Safdie have put forth a riventing commentary on the not so pretty side of society with a stellar ensemble and score. If you get a chance to catch a screening be sure to go! The directors and Robert are set to attend Boston this weekend so keep a look out for tickets.

Below you can see footage from tonight’s Q&A as well as the Film Comment session at the Film Society at Lincoln Center in New York City early last week.

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