After becoming not only a Cannes Film Festival darling but also a serous award contender, Robert Pattinson hits us with an adrenaline rush filled new trailer for the Safdie brothers’ Good Time.

The film is a tale of two brothers: Nick (played by Safdie), who’s mentally impaired and locked away in prison for a bank robbery scheme and Connie (Pattinson), who’s racing against time to get him out.

The new trailer features much of the Cannes Award winning soundtrack which does a magnificent job of setting the tone of the thrilling chase that takes place in one night. We get a better look at Connie’s predicament and the lengths to which he will go to save his brother. Just from these few minutes of footage, we can see why Pattinson has garnered such great buzz and is being compared to none other than Robert DeNiro. Watch out for his name to get thrown around come awards season.

Take a look at the latest trailer and poster below.

Good Time opens in theaters on Aug. 11.

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