Robert Pattinson is making 31 look damn good as he stepped back into the spotlight at this year’s Cannes Film Festival for the Safdie brother’s Good Time which is in competition.

The British native has been taking some very calculated risks in chosing the projects that followed his blockbuster films. Making a sharp turn into the realm of Ind films many critics where skeptical as to whether the twenty-something actor had the talent to keep his career alive after the teen fans faded away. He didn’t just face skeptics with bravery but one upped them by working with legendary filmakers like David Cronenberg, David Michod, Warner Herzog and Brady Corbet to name a few.

Success does not come from working with great film makers alone, it takes work and dedication as well and Pattinson has proved time and time again he has it in spades. It takes a true actor to be able to portray various personalities and evoke a range of emotions form viewer plus completely immerse himself and become each character. He has been doing just this since he became Dali in Little Ashes, Duroy in Bel Ami, Reynolds in The Rover and most recently as Henry Costin in The Lost City of Z. So it really is no surprise that he, once again, made a dramatic transformation into Connie for Good Time.

The day kicked off with the press conference for Good Time at which Pattinson was joined by Josh and Ben Safdie where he mentions reaching out to the duo and why he wanted to work with them.

“I saw a still from ‘Heaven Knows What’ and I think it was on the poster, the photo of [lead actress] Arielle Holmes and I don’t know what it was about it. I just knew I wanted to work with these guys. I just did a meeting and I saw a trailer of ‘Heaven’ afterwards and I was just like, ‘Yeah.’ It’s so rare that you get those feelings and I just had to chase it down to the end.”

Josh Safdie follows up, “It was that openness that was so amazing to us that he was willing to say, ‘I’ll do whatever you want’ and he meant it. And we took him up on that for sure.”

This may have been one of the few films that was not plagued with fans or paparazzi, which was surprising since it was filmed in NYC for the greater part of production.

“I was so nervous about people finding about the shoot and paparazzi being there….it destroys the whole illusion of it,” Pattinson admits. “Kind of what I was doing as a person was feeding into the character. Basically you’re trying to disappear, trying to be a ghost in a crowd. We shot the entire movie on the street in New York and not a single person even took a cell phone picture. It was crazy.”

The buzz for Pattinson’s performance in Good Time is so positive that he s already been touted as one of the main contenders for the Best Actor award at Cannes and is being seen as an Oscar contender for next year.

However, being at Cannes does not mean Pattinson is sitting in his laurels, rather he already has his next projects lined up. Earlier this week it was announced Pattinson will star in Joanna Hogg‘s The Souvenir which will be executive produced by none other than Martin Scorsese.

“I basically got the next year planned out,” Pattinson says. “I’m gonna work with Claire Denis after this. I’m just so happy with seeing the people I’m going to work with. It’s crazy. I’m doing a movie with Antonio Campos in the next year, another thing with David Michod.”

That’s on top of the release of the western film, Damsel. So, in case you weren’t counting, Pattinson has 4 projects in the works which will undoubtedly have him working for the next couple of years.

This means that Pattinson will likely be back at Cannes sooner than you think. For now, take a look at some of he photos and videos of Robert Pattinson with Josh and Ben Safdie at the Good Time press conference, photo call and premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

Good Time is being distributed by A24 and opens in limited release in the U.S August 11.






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