Writer/director James Gray’s epic adventure, The Lost City of Z, follows British explorer Percy Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam) through his many voyages into the unknown jungles of the Amazon in the first part of the 20th century. Leaving his wife, Nina (Sienna Miller), behind in England, Fawcett and his aide-de-camp, Henry Costin (Robert Pattinson), disappear into a world few Europeans had ever experienced to uncover a lost land no one anticipated.

So mysterious was the Amazon at the time that many Europeans believed anything was possible, while at the same time scoffing at actual field reports. The scientific community roundly derided many of Fawcett’s discoveries, including his belief that shards of pottery uncovered during his first trip pointed to an ancient empire buried in the jungle. He would spend the rest of his life looking for definitive proof of that lost city. In the process, he would uncover many new worlds. During his second voyage, the sight of the breathtaking Ricardo Franco hills filled him with a profound sense of awe and humility. “Time and the foot of man had not touched these summits,” he wrote in his journal. “They stood like a lost world, forested to their tops, and the imagination could not picture the last vestiges of an age long vanished.”

Shooting the film on location in Colombia, Gray and his cinematographer, Academy Award®-nominated Darius Khondji, strove to recreate the wondrous sights and sounds that Fawcett experienced at the turn of the century.

Amazon Studios, in conjunction with Bleeker Street, have just released some new stills, a brand new poster and the first U.S. trailer for he film which can all be seen below.

The Lost City of Z opens in theaters in New York and Los Angeles on April 14 and then nationwide on April 21.

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