David and Nathan Zellner have embarked in a Western adventure as their next film is currently filmed quietly in Utah. The duo’s follow up to Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter haas found it’s male lead in none other than Robert Pattinson.

The British heartthrob formerly known mostly for his leading role in the Twilight series has slowly and surely been carving his path into the “art-house” type cinema. Some may say that his newer films (Life, Queen of the Desert) have been quiet duds but both films have been greatly received in foreign film markets as well as being listed as worthy of film festival nominations. By working with renown directors such as Werner Hertzog and David Cronenberg, Pattinsn has built up his filmography along with his credibility as a serious actor.

There is not much know about his current film, Damsel, except that it is a “Western Era comedy about a man trying to marry the woman of his dreams.” Ever the chameleon, Pattinson is sure to morph into whatever the role requires for him as he has been able to do for previous roles in The Rover and the soon to be released in the U.S, The Childhood of a Leader (see above).

There may be a Map to the Stars type reunion as Mia Wasikowska is rumored to be considered for a role in Damsel, which is set to be released in 2017.

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