Anton Corbijn has begun to give press interviews to discuss Life, one of the buzziest titles in the Berlin lineup, which tells the backstory behind arguably the most iconic images in Hollywood history: the photos Stock took of James Dean during a road trip on assignment for Life magazine in 1955, just months before the actor’s death.

Speaking with THR Corbijn mentions “The film doesn’t look like a Dennis Stock photo, it looks like the world he took photos in. That’s important because a photographer always translates the world into his pictures. The pictures don’t present themselves to you; you have to find the pictures.”

Starring Robert Pattinson as Dennis Stock and Dane DeHaan as Dean the film replicates the world of 1955 America, going so far as to totally rebuild Dean’s apartment in New York. “We had an art director who measured everything — the distance from the desk to the bed, that sort of thing.”

“Pictures like Stock’s symbolized the rebelliousness of the time. The fact that Dean died of course adds to the mystery. You couldn’t take those shots again. If it were today, and we had thousands of paparazzi shots of James Dean, I wonder if it would destroy the mystery?”

The answer to that question is a resounding yes. Robert Pattinson can attest to that seeing as he is currently the paparazzi center of attention and his every move goes documented. Yet, he has somehow managed to keep a level head and make good film choices as this project clearly shows.

Life will have its world premiere at this year’s Berlin Film Festival on February 9th.

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